Mine Free Cryptocurrency With Your Phone

OK, so “mining” is a bit of a misdescription, but with Pi Network, you can earn new altcoins for free simply by installing the app. No need to keep the app running – just log in once per day and tap a button to keep earning for another 24 hours.

Is it a scam? Almost certainly not, given that it has passed audits and made it onto the Apple App store – but do your own research.

Will it harm your phone? Again, almost certainly not. There’s no actual mining process running on the phone and you only need to fire the app up for a minute or two a day to keep earning.

Will the coins you be profitable, or earn you a fortune? The answer to this one is probably a no – but having earnt Bitcoin as an early adopter and seen my fractional holding rise to a significant sum of cash, I’d never discount the possibility. The simplest way to increase your chances of making a decent return is to get in quick and earn larger numbers of coins whilst you can. In the week or two since I installed the app, I’ve accumulated 35 Pi coins. I don’t expect these will ever reach mainstream crypto values – but even $1 a coin and it’ll start to become a nice bit of disposable cash to treat yourself with.

Interested? If so, visit the official homepage, or download it from Apple App Store or Google Play. All you’ll need to get started is an invitation from an existing network member. Feel free to use my user ID linuxminer.

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